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At Gilbert-Fellers Funeral Home, we realize that everyone needs to deal with the death of a loved one in his or her own way. When we make funeral arrangements with a family, we make sure that the funeral we are planning is a reflection of the life we are honoring.

Personalization of the funeral is more important today than it has ever been. We believe that you are entitled to honor the life of your loved ones in a way that is best suited to your needs. We help families display pictures and we also have the ability to play the music the deceased liked to listen to. We have shown videos and laptop computer presentations that families have recorded about the life of their loved one. We have been privileged to have families bring in personal items to create a "Memory Display Area". This area will typically have things like Hiking Boots & Backpacks, Golf Clubs, Fishing Poles, or anything that creates an atmosphere where mourners can reflect upon the things that held meaning for the deceased.

Service choices include (but are not limited to):

Traditional Services: There is one day of visitation or viewing, and then the funeral service is held the following day, either in a church or in our chapel. Some families, mainly in the event of a church funeral, will request an additional hour of visitation on the day of the service. Most of the time, the casket is open for public viewing. Depending upon the traditions of a specific church, the casket will either be closed or open for the service. From time to time, either due to a family request or other circumstances, public viewing does not occur. Especially in times where viewing does not occur, our funeral home encourages the family to bring pictures of their loved one, which can be displayed around the casket, helping in the grieving process. We encourage people to make the funeral a time of remembering. This can be done creatively in a number of ways. 

Single Day Service: The visitation and service are all held on the same day. This service choice is used many times when the deceased has a very small number of relatives, or in the event that a family wants to keep their service smaller & more intimate. We ask families considering this option to be sure that family & friends are able to get away from work easily, since these types of services happen during most people's workday.

Graveside Only Service: This type of service is very simple. The family may wish to come into the funeral home for a very brief, private time of viewing their loved one. They sometimes elect not to view the deceased at all. In either case, the only service is held at the cemetery, normally under a 12' by 12' tent. There are typically only 4-6 chairs under the tent. The family has the option of providing pallbearers if they choose, or we can just meet at the grave. The family has the option of whether or not to have a procession to the grave from the funeral home where they had their private viewing. Most of the time, the family just meets the casket in the cemetery, but they still have the options described above. The typical graveside service normally lasts about 10 minutes.

Cremation Service: Any of our available service types can be followed by cremation instead of traditional earth burial. Cremation is really nothing more than an alternative to being buried in a casket. If the cremation is done before the services are scheduled, a cremation urn can be displayed in place of a casket. Some families elect to have the cremated remains buried in a family lot in a cemetery. Others keep the urn in their home. Cremated remains can be scattered over the ground or in bodies of water, and the regulations that apply to the burial of a casket do not necessarily apply to cremation. Ask us about your options regarding disposition of cremated remains.

Memorial Service: This type of service normally refers to any service where the body is not present. A Memorial Service can take many forms; it can apply if the family elects to cremate the body right away or to those families who choose to have a private viewing followed by a graveside service and then schedule the memorial service at some later time. Another example of the need for a Memorial Service would be in the event that the deceased has donated their body for medical research.

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